Replay Rule

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Replay Rule is something new to the Central Ohio League area.  You want to read up on this!  Your team does NOT have to use the replay rule, but it is there for you to use if you don't have 5 players show up that can meet the 23 rule. 
** Please look over the bylaws, there is a lot of new information in there** 


To help prevent forfeits and to make it more likely matches are awarded on the table rather than by forfeit, the APA of Central Ohio has chosen to adopt the Replay Rule approved by the APA National Office.  This rule allows one player (the “Replay Player:) from a team (the “Replay Team”) to play twice on the same night in the following circumstances:

·        The Replay Team does not have enough players present or cannot play the players it does have present without violating the 23-Rule. 

·        Teams must notify their opponent of the need to use/or potential need to use a “replay” prior to the start of the 4th individual match.  If a team has a 5th player show up prior to the start of the 5th match, the player is still entitled to play, even if a “replay” was requested.

·        The opposing team gets to pick which player from the other team will be the “replay” player.  The opposing team can pick any player present except those whose play would cause the Replay team to violate the 23-Rule.  All players who have already played must be available as a choice for the “replay” match. 

·        Teams are allowed to use one “replay” per league night

·        The “replay” must be used during the last individual match (i.e. – 5th match).  The “replay” may be used in the 4th individual match if the 5th individual match is forfeited or the 3rd individual match is the 4th & 5th individual matches are forfeited. Once a “replay” is used, the remaining matches must be forfeited, even if another player shows up.

·        “Replays” will NOT be allowed during playoffs or during any Higher Level Tournament Play.

·        Both teams may utilize the “replay” rule on the same night if necessary.  In this situation, both teams put up their own player and the team scheduled to put up a player in the 5th match puts up first.