Bounty Players for the week of October 8th

Monday, October 8, 2018

By now... I hope you heard about the Bounty Program?? 

Every week one 8 ball player and one 9 ball player will be selected to be the weekly bounty. 
If the bounty player wins the match, they don’t have to pay APA fees for that match!! If the bounty player loses, their opponent earns a FREE night of pool. Bounty matches will only be applicable for skill levels one above or one below of the bounty player. Ex: If John is a 5, the bounty is in affect for a skill level 4, 5 or 6. 
This weeks 8 Ball Bounty Player is: Derrick Widzinski!!!  Derrick plays on the Miller Time team on Tuesday nights.  This week Derrick's team plays You're off the team!  
This weeks 9 Ball Bounty Player is: Alex Moore!! Alex plays on the High Definition team on Wednesday nights.  This week Alex's team plays Carpe Diem! 

 Who will win these matches??  We want to see some action pictures of the match posted to the Central Ohio APA Players page!!!